Stump Removal

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There are a few ways to deal with tree stumps. The most common are stump grinding and stump excavation. Stump grinding involves mulching the stump, cutting it down to ground level. Stump excavation involves the removal of the stump and surrounding root system. Our experts can help you decide the best route for your stump removal needs!

Tree stumps can be quite an eyesore. They can also take up meaningful space on your home or business property. Reclaiming that space by removing unwanted stumps can easily increase the appeal and functionality of your property. This not only increase your enjoyment of the space, but can also add to the property value if and when it comes time to sell.

Dead stumps can be a hotbed for insect infestation and fungi. These can pose threats to the healthy vegetation that is still thriving. The removal of tree stumps is a sure way to make sure the other trees and vegetation on your property remain healthy.

Some tree stumps, primarily smaller ones, can pose a safety risk to lawn equipment as well as big toes! Over time grass, plants, and weeds can easily hide these little devils. Proper tree stump removal will get rid of these hazards for good!